a brand that’s giving out FREE pants! 


Over Memorial Day Weekend, Alex and I went to a yoga class where our instructor read the above Optimist creed at the end. I (not suprisingly) absolutely loved it and spent the afternoon reading more of Larson’s work. Turns out he was into the whole idea of ‘positive psychology’ in the early 1900s, before it was really a thing. From what I’ve read so far, I also really like his work, Just Be Glad.

If you’re interested in some more ‘bite-size’ inspiration, I’m also waking up to #coffeewithCory. Cory led meditations at a retreat I went on last year. He’s in his late 20s and, among other impressive tales, spent 6 months in silence among monks after graduating from college. He’s started instagramming morning thoughts, and the one below caught my eye. You can follow him @corymuscara. (He has absolutely no idea I’m promoting him; I seriously just like his point of view!)


I know I promised you FREE PANTS though, not just philosophical creeds :). This new brand, Girlfriend Collective, is launching this summer. To celebrate, they are giving away leggings for the cost of shipping (okay so not quite FREE*). The pants are made in Vietnam using socially responsible methods (think leggings made out of 25 recycled water bottles – confusing but I think cool?!) Check out this Refinery 29 article to learn more.
*When I placed my order I learned that shipping is $19.95 and the pants won’t come until August. Always a little catch but still down for some sustainable, $20 yoga pants!

I realize some of you are just wanting to relax and enjoy summer – without any thought-provoking readings or socially responsible brands ;). For you, I present 10, light-hearted Summer 2016 Trends. My personal faves are ‘bonkers milkshakes’ and ‘tasseled accessories’.




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