3 reasons i’m into “casual gratitude”



This week my friend, Emily, sent me this article on casual gratitude.

If you don’t read the article, let me summarize for you – if casual gratitude were a person, it would be Tami Taylor (the coach’s wife on Friday Night Lights aka my life idol).

Casual gratitude (a term made up by the author) is basically recognizing small favors that others do for you, and really meaning it, but not making a huge deal out of it. It can also just be appreciating (out loud) the little wins in life

These are the top 3 reasons I’m so into it (and you should be too :))…
# 1 – It’s often more appropriate and enjoyable (for everyone involved) to say ‘Thanks’ or ‘Excuse Me’ instead of ‘Sorry’ – There are many times when you might say ‘sorry’, but you really mean ‘thanks’ or ‘excuse me.’ I did a little self-experiment yesterday. Even when I was conscious of the idea, I apologized 3 times – only one was warranted.
I asked a Target employee where the Draino was…he kindly walked me across the store (household cleaning not intuitive for me), and I said ‘sorry for making you walk so far.’ But really, a simple ‘thanks for showing me’ would have sufficed. No need for the guilt associated with ‘sorry’ when he was just helping me out.
I also apologized to my yoga classmate when I opened my locker door a little bit closer to her (replacement: excuse me).
And I apologized to my co-worker when I showed up for a meeting at 12:30 that actually started at 12pm…(no replacement here, I think that was a good use of sorry 🙂).

# 2 – The idea of ‘casual gratitude’ means just that – you don’t have to think of 3 things everyday or write anything down formally. Last year, I promised to report back on my gratitude journal – I don’t think it lasted more than a week tops (or maybe just the day I wrote the blog post 😉).

# 3 – You get to be your best Tami Taylor self! If someone does something for you, thank them in that casual, sincere, graceful way that Tami has mastered. This weekend, Alex is taking me to Darius Rucker (even though he’s not a big country fan), and I’m not going to apologize to him for having to go – I’m going to thank him for such a thoughtful gift (if you’re reading, THANKS I CAN’T WAIT!)

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