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This week, I’m pretty excited to present to you guys, a guest blogger! BFF Alex Brena (who also got us onto adult coloring this fall) tried out a soup cleanse a few weeks ago. When I asked her to come on The Venable on Monday, she replied “very relevant because I just made myself lentil kale soup for dinner :).”

So, she hasn’t sworn off all soup since the cleanse. Here’s what she has to say about the cleanse itself…

(disclaimer: this below photo has nothing to do with the actual post, just a favorite and good visual of Alex Brena ;).


I decided to try the soup cleanse after a few indulgent weekends when I felt like my body needed a reset (or at least a reminder that breakfast does not need a dessert). One of my friends had sent me a coupon for the Splendid Spoon soup cleanse a few weeks earlier, which appealed to me because a) I hate juices and b) I love soup (and the soups seemed tasty).

The soup cleanse is made up of one day of “cleansing” where you only “eat” soup, and four days of replacing your lunch with soup, so it also seemed pretty achievable, and only deprived me of cheese and bread for one day. The cleanse day was pretty weird- cauliflower soup for breakfast is a VERY aggressive move, but once I moved past that they were fine.

The biggest problem was that I had never been offered more free food in my life over the course of one day and finally caved at a 9pm meeting and had a few bites of Indian food, which my food-deprived brain convinced itself was sort of like soup. The rest of the week was pretty painless- only replacing one meal a day made it very flexible and the soups from the rest of the week were delicious and filling and didn’t make me feel like I was missing real food at all.

By the end of the week I felt like I would probably never eat soup again (cut to me having just finished a bowl of soup), but I did lose around 3 pounds and it definitely made me more aware of my bad habits and encouraged me to change them (I didn’t have cookies with breakfast for three weeks!).

I don’t know if I would do this particular cleanse again, but if I am ever looking to improve my diet quickly I would definitely think about replacing meals with soup for a painless way to inject more vegetables into my diet.

HUGE thanks to Brena for sharing with us! If you’d like to guest blog, I’d love to have you. Just reach out with a topic, and we’ll go from there :).

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