Blue Apron Meets Lean Cuisine

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Blue Apron Meets Lean Cuisine
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger

Blue Apron Meets Lean Cuisine

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Blue Apron Meets Lean Cuisine

Big Sean and Ariana Grande

Friday’s Fashion + Fitness. 15th edition! A girl’s gotta eat…


This week, I’m pretty pumped to be sharing a new company that’s making vegetables craveable. Sounds unlikely, I know. But I’ve been eating them for the past two weeks, and I’m into it. Usually, I’m Team Joey and Chandler – making dinner is a good joke. But I’m turning corners with Hungryroot! These are all natural, gluten free meals that are each under 500 calories and take less than 10 minutes to prepare. More thoughts below :).


Full disclosure – I’m on a yoga and mindfulness retreat. Don’t you worry, I’ll be featuring some great learnings in the upcoming weeks once I’ve had a chance to process my favorite nuggets of wisdom. But for today, I’ll tell you this. There have been several studies that show your brain reacts to negative information more strongly and remembers negative information more vividly than positive information. To maintain balance, a good ratio of positive feedback to negative is 3:1.  In marriages, it’s 5:1. Once couples drop below that ratio, the divorce rates skyrocket. To bring this to life, if your husband doesn’t like dinner, that’s totally fine. He should first say – You’re beautiful. You’re kind. You’re thoughtful. You’re haircut looks amazing. I love these fresh flowers on the table… This dinner kind of sucked. To keep my Hungryroot review balanced, I’m giving you a 3:1.

020593d0-6d7c-4109-b314-f097f3a14f55What I love…

  • It only takes 10 minutes. By the time I decide what I want to order on Seamless, my dinner is ready. Great quick lunch option too!
  • It’s pretty idiot-proof & all you need is olive oil. The meal comes with all the accoutrements you need, portioned out for you. The only ingredient you need on hand is olive oil. And water. They also give you step by step instructions. And never use complicated recipe words like “truss” or “fold”. To give you a sense of my cooking skills, I’m still working on perfecting the scrambled egg. So, if I can do it, you can do it better.
  • It fills me up but doesn’t stuff me. I’m not full like I just had Chinese takeout thirds and fourths full. But satisfied, full. You’re giving me that “Really?” skeptical face. But my guy friend, Kyle, got me onto it. And he’s on the same page with the full thing!

e8cbb60f-a841-4b9c-a82e-86ce1aad184bWhat to know…

  • Not so great for a group of people. If you’re cooking for a group, I recommend just cooking. We did a taste test for three on Monday night. We voted on our faves (which we’ll come to), but we had one frying pan (ideal), one big wok (a bit much but ok), and one sauce pot (not the easiest for stirring noodles) all going at once. The different accouterments (sorry, love this word today) got confusing, and our overall meal felt like we just couldn’t commit.


Are you ready to try for yourself? SO PUMPED to bring you an exclusive Venable 20% off promo code for your entire order (exp. 5/31/15, so go for it). You can click here to order, and the promo will automatically be applied for you. Or, enter the code VENABLE at checkout. Happy rooting!

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