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An experiment on yourself…..


In the spirit of acting on my resolutions (at least in month 1;)), I wanted to share one of the only diets that has worked for me. I’m someone who has done pretty much every diet at some point – Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, The ‘Bag’ Diet (this was a high school experiment where I put everything I was going to eat in a day in a huge zip loc bag. It resulted in consuming only highly processed, dense foods. Fruits and veggies didn’t really fit. I highly recommend NOT trying the bag diet ;)).

I really wish that this ‘diet’ I’m talking about today had a different name – it’s called The Virgin Diet. I think it’s more of a long-term experiment on your body than a diet. The concept is pretty simple, and it also works really fast (when I first started in August, I lost 8 lbs in the first week…)!

Here’s the quick summary – For 21 days, you cut out 7 foods that you might have an intolerance to. These are foods that many people are intolerant to without even realizing it. What’s more surprising, a lot of them are seemingly healthy foods. The idea is that once you cut them out though, your digestive system resets, and you’ll start to feel a lot better.

The 7 foods are 1. gluten, 2. dairy, 3. eggs, 4. soy, 5. peanuts, 6. corn, & 7. sugar.

After you’ve cut them out for 3 weeks, then, for the next several weeks, you can introduce the first 4 foods back in, one week at a time, to see how your body reacts. The other 3 should remain out of your life 95% of the time. I don’t want to butcher the science behind these 7 foods, so for the full-blown regimen, check out the book, or this free pdf for the down and dirty version!

And don’t worry there are plenty of foods you can still eat. In the summer, I was pretty into smoothies for breakfast. This protein helps me trick myself into thinking I’m drinking something more milkshake-y, less healthy.

In my first personal experiment, I realized how badly I react to dairy. Having acne at 27 isn’t that cute, but I’m now (at least relatively) certain that dairy is the main cause for me. That didn’t stop me from indulging in cheese and ice cream over the holidays though, so I’m re-launching the elimination phase (eating none of the 7 foods). I’ll be referring to myself as an eliminator for the next 3 weeks 😉

I hope some of you will join me!

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