6 ways I (attempt) to combat the Sunday Scaries


– @girlthinksimfunny

The dread of Monday fast approaching. I know it’s not just me. There’s a whole website dedicated to the phenomenon – THE SUNDAY SCARIES.

I have quite a few “techniques” that I’ve tried to cure myself of the dreaded scaries. I can really only vouch for the first one as being a definite help. The rest are pretty much ‘hail maries’, but hey, you gotta find the right combo for yourself ;).

  1. Write out next week’s to do list. This one starts on Friday. Before leaving work (or before just generally shutting down for the weekend), I make a brand new to-do list for the following week, with something easy to accomplish Monday morning at the top. Then, I leave it at my desk. This way, I feel like I can walk out the door without random e-mails or lingering to-dos popping into my head throughout the weekend.


2. Do some meal prep for the week. Now for some Sunday activities… my love for chicken nuggets is no secret. I usually opt for the Trader Joe’s frozen variety to get me through my Mon-Thurs dinners. But this Sunday, I decided to be a little crafty and make my own rendition of ‘corn flake nuggs’. I went rogue without a recipe and forgot some key ingredients (dijon mustard + parmesan!). So, my version definitely needed ketchup. But lucky for you, I now have the link for Cate & Carithers’ (really delicious) homemade tenders. Their picture looks a lot more appetizing than my version below too ;).


3. Facetime with a lil’ guy (or just any loved one). It’s hard to be anxious or sad when you are face to face with this ball of joy 🙂 (my nephew, Graham).


4. Go to the grocery store, or just get gas. When I’m feeling ambitious, I grocery shop (see #3 above for when I’m extra anxious). When I just want to do something productive without a lot of effort, I find that filling up my gas tank for the week does the trick.

5. Plan a Sunday funday! A few weeks ago I attempted to combat the scaries with a free country concert in the park. I made a few errors – first I got the location wrong. Then the band was so bad that we actually thought it was a karoake intermission when we walked up. We concluded that local country bands in California might not be the best of the best. BUT despite the errors, it did provide a nice distraction and a few good laughs ;).

6. If you’re on a weekend getaway, fly out Monday morning. Alex and I did this one a few weeks ago. We stayed in Portland on Sunday to explore the city after Emma and Josh’s wedding. Mondays aren’t usually very fun  – early wake up call or not. But Sundays are so much better if you’re not anxious about packing, getting to the airport, and getting home (to likely not do much anyway). The Ace Hotel also has some pretty sweet robes that helped our Sunday lounge…


What are your Sunday Scary cures?

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