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Friday’s Fashion + Fitness. 18th edition. Are you more of a Topanga, Cory Matthews, Mr. Feeny, or Shawn?


I’ve been back in Charlotte this week. Getting a little R&R…and actually reading books. I just finished Better Than Before. Same author as The Happiness Project. As with most self-help books, it gets a little repetitive. So I’m saving you the actual read, and giving you the cliff notes. Basically, there are four types of people when it comes to forming habits. You’ll likely associate with one more strongly than the other three. So, step one – identify which one you are. And next week, we’ll talk more about how each type forms habits. Fair warning, the other thing about being home, I’m randomly nostalgic for Boy Meets World. If you don’t know the show, I don’t know you. It was my life in middle school.


The Upholder
If you tell someone, or yourself, you’re going to do something, you just do it. Keeping promises to yourself is just as important as keeping promises to others.
You follow the rules. It makes you uncomfortable when people around you don’t. If there’s a crosswalk at the end of the street, you don’t cross in the middle of the street. No jaywalking for this girl.
You like New Years resolutions. And you do a decent job of keeping them.
At your best, you’re a high achiever. At your worst, you’ve been called rigid.
Upholders I know (or feel like I know) and love: My mom, Topanga, my BFF Caroline.


The Obliger

If you tell someone else you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it. If you tell yourself, it’s kind of like the wish you make at 11:11. Probably not going to happen.
People rely on you. They ask you to edit their papers. They know you’ll let them borrow your car. You’re happy to help. But you often feel like you don’t have enough time for your own priorities.
You don’t do New Years resolutions. You’ve tried, but you don’t keep them.
At your best, you’re reliable. At your worst, you’ve been called a pushover.
Obligers I know (or feel I know) and love: Me, Cory.

6c8aa737-03e6-494c-a516-d439c821b24cThe Questioner
You’re happy to do anything…if you understand why you’re doing it.
You enjoy hearing an expert opinion, but you’re going to decide yourself if you believe it.
You’ll form a new habit if it makes sense for your goals. Otherwise, you don’t see the point.
You don’t make New Year’s resolutions because January 1 is meaningless. If you want to start something, you’ll start today.
At your worst, you’ve been called annoying. You always need reasons.
Questioners I know (or feel I know) and love: Mr. Feeny, my brothers.


The Rebel
You do what you want. You’re true to yourself.
You enjoy a challenge, as long as you decide to accept it, and you tackle it in your own way.
You just despise New Year’s Resolutions. Too cliche.
At your best, you’re a trailblazer. At your worst, you’ve been called insensitive.
Rebels I know (or feel I know) and love: My dad, Shawn.

All opinions of my loved ones are my own. What type are you? Do you know right away? I love this stuff, so please do e-mail me with your thoughts :).

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