…It’s cool though – you still gotta have a good looking bag 🙂

So far our spring trend situation includes…

  1. the universally flattering ‘off the shoulder’ look
  2. a long and lean silhouette (done best by Olivia Palermo & The Row)
  3. getting down to the roots with artisan + crafted flair (authentically exemplified by Deia)

Today, we’re discussing this season’s bags. They are (thankfully) finally a bit more exciting than the past few seasons. Here are my winners…

  • If you’re feeling subtle, go for the saddle bag
  • If you’re in the mood to treat yo’self, I’m into the box bag
  • If you’re feeling spicy, you want one of the embossed guys


Before we get to the steal and splurge for the saddle, box, and embossed guys, I have to share my bag situation from this past weekend. I was flying home from Boston on Sunday with some of my besties. We went through security and naturally decided an afternoon snack would be nice. I opted for some Manchu Wok sesame chicken. When we got up to move to the gate, my bag was no where to be found. Cate had her black rolly. Emily had her black rolly. But my black rolly was gone!

I immediately stormed over to security – he told me that he had no access to cameras in the food court. Thanks for that, security! He suggested I talk to one of the restaurant workers (apparently they had access to the cameras). I started with the Manchu counter…they sent me to the McDonald’s counter…they sent me to the Au Bon Pain counter. LOVE Au Bon Pain; that manager actually helped. He gave me the number for the police and told me to call immediately.

As I was punching in the numbers, logical Cate asked me if there was any chance I left the bag at security. I cockily told her that I used to be a consultant – I traveled all the time! Ha. She sweetly told me that I should call the police, and she would just go double check at security…

It was there. At security. I actually put it through the x-ray machine and just left it. Who does that?! The guard told me he had seen a lot of people leave jewelry, licenses, and even cell phones…but even he was shocked that I left my whole bag.

So, today I’m thankful for Cate, and I’m probably not allowed to spend money on smaller bags…that I’d be even more likely to lose… but I have faith that you’re more responsible than me, so take your pick :).ca1d03d9-a60e-4a65-b65f-3d4c102837bf





L: Steal Cuyana Suede Mint Saddle – $295 R: Splurge Alexander Wang Lia Leather – $795




L: Steal Halston Heritage Rectangular Clutch – $345 (Unfortunately theboxbag.com is under construction, but if it ever comes back, go there! They are more in the real ‘steal’ range and monogram) R: Splurge Edie Parker Flavia Happy Box Clutch – $1695



L: Steal Zara Leather Clutch – $89.90 R: Splurge Grace Atelier De Luxe – $395

The Venable will be taking a 2-week hiatus! We’ll be back on Friday, March 18th. I’m headed to China for a Supply Chain class, so I expect to have lots of interesting impressions to share when I return. I’ll miss you



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