this spring trend is ultra-flattering

i promise 🙂


Last week we heard from Lizzie Fine on her new gig at Orchard Mile and her favorite spring trends (as a quick refresher – she’s loving everything chambray denim, grommets, and bomber jackets).

This week, it seemed pretty appropriate to throw it back to Cher and her Clueless days for my own take on the spring trends. Cher might have her flaws, but you have to hand it to her for always saying what she thinks and doing what she wants.

That’s my real take on trends these days – do what you want! If you’re feeling comfortable and chic, you’ll look it. I’ll give you lots of options over the next few weeks, but I stand by the notion that you’ll look your best in the trends you’re excited to wear.

My hands down favorite spring trend that’s coming out in full force is off the shoulder tops.

Showing a little shoulder flatters pretty much every figure.

The trend has been more ‘cleverly’ referred to as ‘the cold shoulder’ (thanks, Harper’s Bazaar) & ‘straight from the shoulder’ (kind of weak effort, Vogue).

However, my biggest complaint with this look is not the lame names…it’s a more practical issue – if you raise your hands above your head, wam, the shirt is on your shoulders again! So much for raising the roof while pulling off this boho-chic style.

Luckily for us, Connie Wang of Refinery 29 has a video with a quick fix (click photo below to watch).


Now that we can all actually wear the trend, check out 2 items on my wish list.

If you’re as into this trend as I am, dive head first with this Tularosa Tunic for a head to toe boho look.


If you’re just testing the waters, this Tibi off the shoulder top is a more subtle interpretation.


If you’re not even wanting to test the temperature on this trend, don’t worry, we’ll be bringing more spring looks your way next week!

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