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These digital natives are adorable. Click the pic to watch the video. They will definitely never get my Clueless reference from last week, but they are all over the online shopping scene.

NYFW Fall ’16 has kicked off, but let’s be realistic, none of us have started adding to our spring wardrobes yet. So don’t worry, I’m sticking to the spring trends series.

Last week, we covered (my personal favorite), the ‘off the shoulder’ look.

Next on the list…
a long and lean silhouette.

Vogue (not surprisingly) gives us the elaborate and eloquent explanation of the trend: “A silhouette that’s long and lean—but also loose and laid back— conveys everything from ultra feminine to a hint of sultry rakishness”.

I know, I didn’t get it either at first. I turned to style icons Olivia Palermo and The Row (by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen) for help.

Best I can tell, the look involves long vests, cropped pants, and some sort of slide shoe (flat and heeled versions both accepted).


Palermo just launched a 32-piece collection with Nordstrom. As quoted in this fashionista interview , she promises us, “The whole collection is all about proportions. We [ladies] have to be realistic about not always wearing heels — with all of these silhouettes and hemlines, you can wear flats, too.”

While I’m into her style, her travel standards are a bit different. She says later in the interview that she’s all about traveling practically, and by that she means she “only travels abroad with 2 or 3 suitcases.” Conclusion…she’s (kind of not at all) living the same life as me, but I still want her look.


Olivia Palermo + Chelsea 28 – Sleeveless Suede Trench Dress – $448.


Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 – High Rise Denim Culottes – $118.

My girls, Mary Kate and Ashley, over at The Row, have translated the trend in a more serious, mod way. True to their brand, the collection is minimalist in design, and the pieces stay far away from the body (the sexuality is under there somewhere ;)).

One of my best friends (shout out Anna C.), has endearingly explained my dresses as ‘shapeless but trendy sacks,’ so there may be a reason I’m constantly looking to The Row.21f8bd0e-b921-4565-a4fe-fd540bc1d1f6


Raye – Calf Hair Sienna Slide – $102 orig. $147

P.S. Since I can’t afford it, get on these calf-hair slides above, and get the rest of The Row look at Zara. Don’t miss the Rachel Zoe slide in heel form at the end!


Zara – Flowing Waistcoat – $69.90


Zara – High-Waisted Trousers – $49.90


Rachel Zoe – Skyla Heel – $295

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