getting down to the roots


Admittedly pretty unrelated to this week’s post, but I heard this quote in a talk this week, and it really struck a chord!

Moving on to our spring trends…

just to recap, our spring line up of trends so far include…
the universally flattering ‘off the shoulder’ look
a long and lean silhouette (done best by Olivia Palermo & The Row)

I love today’s trend – I personally refer to it as “getting down to the roots.”

Bazaar calls it “crafted.” Major players have certainly picked up on the look – see Maasai inspired beading from Valentino and this embroidered sweatshirt from Alexander McQueen. A newer, vintage-inspired brand, Sea has put out this patchwork vest (love:)), and this more affordable embroidered skirt.

We’ve chatted with Meg Partridge, founder of the brand, Deia. Her mission is to build a brand with a meaningful social mission.

Deia is “crafted” in a real, authentic way…Read on to learn more about how the brand represents its artisans and get to know boss-lady founder, Meg Partridge.



Sarah: Let’s start from the very beginning. How did you come up with the idea for Deia?

Meg: I’ve always loved fashion and was inspired by the idea that fashion can be a powerful medium for making a difference.

It all began when I was a student at Princeton, where I researched the global impact of the garment trade and was shocked to learn that the fashion and textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world and that only 2% of existing brands follow ethical sourcing practices. I set out to build a new kind of brand with a meaningful social mission.

To do so, I found textile and jewelry artisans in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities – resilient, entrepreneurial women who have overcome incredible circumstances of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, gender violence, and regional conflict and have turned to handicraft to earn their livelihood.

Deià’s sourcing strategy, which we internally refer to as “impact sourcing,” is about empowering these women with access to transformative economic opportunity so they can rebuild their lives, move out of poverty, and contribute to a better future for their families.

Sarah: Where does the name Deià come from?
Meg: In the course of my travels, I stumbled across a charming village in Majorca of the same name that I felt perfectly captured the spirit of casual elegance I wanted our brand to embody. It’s relaxed yet refined, romantic yet grounded, and evokes the kind of thoughtful, inspired, and optimistic lifestyle our brand represents.

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