This fashionista ditched her Ugg(ly) 2 years ago…



I officially have a #girlcrush on Cara (pictured above, looking fab at the Met Ball). I realized when I was crafting this week’s post that I also featured her less than a month ago as my closet organizer extraordinaire. This week, Cara has rounded up her favorite LA-based brands. She forgot to mention it below, but she’s been the west coast events associate @ Vogue (aka planning, attending, and writing about all things chic). Yes…we should be jealous. If you’re not already crushing on her too, you will be by the end of this post ;). Drum roll for Cara…

CARA: Exactly two years I decided to ditch my Ugg(ly…) boots for flip flops and made the cross-country jump from NYC to LA. In those two years I’ve been exposed to great local LA brands and the creative minds who design each one. I have felt extra reflective on my time in LaLaLand recently and especially today, since this is the day I leave the beach and traffic and unlimited yoga behind and move back to NYC. Here is a taste of my favorite left-coast brands, some you may know and hopefully a few will be new. As a side note, in Los Angeles you really just need a few good pairs of jeans and a bathing suit, but I’ll be sure to make this roundup a bit more robust.



These NewbarK loafers are my summer go-to! I’ve never been much of a white shoe fan, but a few days before I left LA I stopped by the NewbarK studio and the effortlessly cool designers, Maryam and Marjan Malakpour, convinced me I needed these. I’ve been wearing them with literally everything, but I think they go best with a pair of tan legs. If you aren’t yet convinced to jump on the white shoe trend, check out their sandals, the Roma I and Roma III are amazing.

ReDone & Frame









It’s LA, I can’t just pick one denim brand! So I narrowed it down to two. I have discovered a whole new love for vintage Levi’s after living in LA, and ReDone takes these flea market finds, deconstructs them in their warehouse downtown, and reworks them to fit a more modern figure. They come in different styles and colors, but I recommend trying on a bunch of pairs before you buy because they are all custom made and the fits vary. They also recently debuted some amazing new tshirts. Frame is my other favorite: I wear the le Skinny de Jeanne most every day and I’m eyeing the new patchwork Nouveau Le Mix.
















I can’t write about LA brands without mentioning Rodarte. Their whimsical dresses and metallic shoes and boots are amazing, but one of my all time favorite Rodarte pieces is the barbed wire Radarte Tshirt. I’ll admit the price tag isn’t on par with your average t-shirt, but you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it – it goes with everything!

The Elder Statesman



Some people think that LA is full of smoke and mirrors, a frivolous town full of wanna-be Hollywood actors. They might not be entirely wrong or right about that assumption, but my favorite frivolous clothing brand is definitely The Elder Statesman. The designs are perfect for LA: where else can you wear a tie-dyed luxury cashmere tank top, that will set you back a month’s rent or more, all year round? They have aced the art of brightly colored cashmere sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, and pants, and everything is softer than butter.


She could go on for a while about the LA brands she loves. We kept the focus to clothes today, but…
for make-up you’ll want Violet Gray
for jewelry, check out Jacquie Aiche
and for leather accessories, Clare V. is your go-to (they can also monogram ;))

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