clean up, clean up…


Don’t get me wrong – I can do my laundry in a day. It just usually returns to the hamper for a bit before I get the energy to also fold it AND put it away.

If you’re as disorganized as me when it comes to clean clothes, it’s helpful to at least know that the clothes that are in your closet are ones you really like.

Also, as we head to graduation this weekend and move out of Philly, these are 2 awesome companies that can help you out…


Thred Up is a San Francisco based online consignment store. You can get rid of whatever you want (women’s or children’s clothing) without ever leaving your house. Just order a bag from them on their website. It will come to you in an envelope (pre-paid). Fill it up with whatever you don’t want, and send it back. They will either pay you a flat fee for the contents of your bag OR they will try to sell a piece on consignment (if it’s worth over $50 at the re-sell price), and if it sells, you get half of the pay out. Example of the latter – I sent in the below Soshana dress from college. They photographed, priced, and sold it for me!


Originally – $330. Listed on Thred Up for $62.49. I got $31.29.


The RealReal is very similar to ThredUp but sells luxury goods only. I haven’t personally used this site but have heard wonderful things about their service and the quality of goods on the site! If you have more valuable designer items, you may want to check out this site instead.

If you’re not sold on either of these, this article names a few others that might better fit your needs.


If you are having trouble letting go of things, I highly recommend recruiting a friend (ideal candidate – Cara – she not only works at Vogue and has superb fashion sense; she’s also extremely organized and helped me color code my closet after disposing of a few tired pieces). I’m not volunteering Cara’s services for anyone else, but I do suggest that you brainstorm a bit about who your organized, fashionable friends are and get one over to help; ).


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