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sample questions


Alex and I are so excited to launch unplugged, a new game we’ve created! It’s a curated set of our favorite questions that (pretty much) always spark some interesting conversations. Our mission is simple – we want to get people off their phone, and in the moment.

What is ‘unplugged’?!
What is this game?

We created unplugged to help everyone have deeper dinner conversations. We’ve been frustrated with our recent conversation efforts. We talk a lot about work, school, other people, and post-dinner plans. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for a little bit of gossip, and I love a good post-dinner plan.

We also wanted a way to avoid being ‘that table’ at a restaurant where everyone is looking at their phones. We want to be more in the moment.

when to play
When would I want to play this game?

The questions are PG-13 at their worst. You can plan to get unplugged in lots of places…

  • Extended family holiday meal situations
  • Double dates
  • Dinner with your closest friends
  • Hanging out with some acquaintances you want to get to know better
  • Company holiday parties (a more specific corporate edition will also be coming soon! Stay tuned.)

how to play
But wait, how do I play?

Don’t worry. It’s just 5 steps…

  1. The dealer gives each person at the table one card.*
  2. Turn your card over (ONLY) when its your turn!
  3. The first player reads his/her question aloud.
  4. The player answers (honestly!) and then picks one other player to answer the same question. Then, that player reads and answers his/her question. We love sharers, so anyone else is encouraged to chime in!
  5. Once all the cards have been read, deal another round!
    *(For a surprise effect…set the cards out as coasters beforehand.)

what’s everyone else saying

“What’s the name of that game you brought to dinner? I want it for Christmas. And I told my boss about it. He wants one too. When can I get 2 copies?” – KP

“It was so cool that a table of 10 could have one big, awesome conversation, instead of 3 smaller ones.” – CB

“Unplugged was clearly a hit! Well done, Leggitts.” – CG

“I never knew David was a baker, and such a babe in middle school.” – EM

“Josh and I are engaged, and I still learned some new tidbits about him!” – EH


Still want to know more?!
Here’s some inside scoop…
Where do your questions come from?

I’ve watched the Today Show to see what Matt Lauer has that I don’t, and I’ve been paying special attention to my Call Your Girlfriend podcast episodes.

Alex has visited, and re-visited, his Tim Ferris podcasts.

We even watched (part of) a presidential debate. And obviously, we’ve googled, and googled.

Most importantly, we’ve crowd-sourced… Thank you to Kyle for the croissant question. Thank you to our college senior spring break crew for the Harry Potter sorting hat question.

And really, thanks to each and every one of our beta players… Faryn, Dan, Spector, Ana, Laura, Sheri, Marc, Annie, Carol, Brena, Cate, Emily, Pauline, Pete, Emeel, Lauren, Tom, Carrie, Steph, Raj, Bobby, Lauren, Jason, James, Avery, Golkin, Perry, Gabby, Evan, Dee, Ploms, Lucile, Campbell, Priest, Anna, Lucy, Carter, Andrew, Meghan, Anne, Reid, Dial, Carithers, Meg, Caroline, Joey, Emma, Josh, Peter, Grumney, Stern, Carter, Matt, Cara

You likely thought of a question, or laughed hard enough for it to make our final cut! Our research may not have been exhaustive, but it was certainly extensive. Don’t worry, if we missed anything, there’s a few cards in there for you to add your own too!

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