6 cocktail conversation starters re- the olympics

-photo caption courtesy of @mytherapistsays 

I’m taking (a quick) little break from watching the Olympics to write tonight. I just saw Phelps win the 200 individual medley, so we can go ahead and make that 22 gold medals! 

If I’m being honest, I’m just as into the sports part of the Olympics as I am into the stories (and the gossip) behind the athletes.
Here’s six of my favorite tidbits, and questions to go along with them (a little unplugged, olympics edition ;)), to start some good cocktail convos this weekend.
I’ll be trying a few out at Emma’s wedding in Portland (can’t wait to see you pretty bride!).

  1. What emoji best represents you?
    • The connection – 16 yr old gymnast, Laurie Hernandez has earned the nickname the  “human emoji” for her enthusiastic personality and engaging performances. She’s a self-proclaimed  🙂  (big smile!). 

  2. If you could marry an Olympian, who would you pick?
  3. How attached are you to your phone ?
    • The connection – this fencer dropped his phone and then proceeded to check it out to see if the screen was broken mid-match! It’s unclear why he had his phone with him in the first place. 

  4. What’s your cocktail of choice?
    • The connection – hopefully it’s not the duchess” (a 3-drug cocktail with  Oral Turinabol, Oxandrolone and Methasterone – all dissolved in alcohol because it works better than water and shortens the window of detectability compared to other options).

  5. If you know you’re chatting with someone who hasn’t watched any olympics, throw them off a little with a causal, “how do you feel about cupping?
    • The connection – while it might sound potentially sexual, its not a perfectly formed hickey. It’s also not a cigar burn. it’s actually just an ancient Chinese practice to help improve blood flow. The swimmers are into it this year.

  6. And finally, if you’re stuck talking to a total dud, you can always laugh together over these Filipino dives (I promise – it’s worth a watch).
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