When is the last time you colored?

Coloring books are making a comeback.3d34f81a-41ae-4b7b-a512-5edba50200da

I don’t mean coloring books for your kids. I’m not even close to that life stage yet. But apparently it’s the year of the adult coloring book. If you don’t’ feel like adult-ing today, coloring could be the answer.

Yes, this week, we’re chatting about coloring books for adults (or how I like to refer to myself, for emerging adults). My dear friend, Alex Brena, has been raving about them since we got back to school this fall (see below for one of her works in progress; the view’s not terrible either).

I love a good doodle during class, but I was pretty skeptical. Finally she said, “Leggett – coloring books combine pretty things and meditation. It’s very on-brand for Venable.” I was sold.

Today, we’re getting the scoop on coloring books from Brena first hand.

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So, how did you get into coloring? Andres’ (my boyfriend) sister had a book this summer, and I got jealous. I had to get my own.

When do you color? At night, before bed. For me, it’s better than meditating. When I meditate, I’m trying to focus on my breath (I’m really trying), but other thoughts keep popping into my head. When I color, I have to focus on coloring. It’s relaxing to me. And it doesn’t involve a bright screen, so it’s the perfect way for me to wind down at night.

Why do you love it? There’s no pressure to be good. You’re just filling in designs. You really can’t be bad.

What’s your coloring tool of choice? Umbra pens. I thought I would like pencils better, but I like pens. It’s easier to be more loose with it. Filling in just seems to work better with pens.

And of course, saving the best for last, what coloring book do you recommend? The Secret Garden. For sure.


Clearly, Brena’s gone all in with the coloring. I’m in more of the initial stages. I have tried it once (with a few pals, see above. And we may have been drinking at the same time :)), so I don’t think we committed in the right way. I haven’t bought my own book. Yet.

But whether coloring is your thing or not, I am totally on-board with finding an outlet for your creativity.

EVEN (or maybe especially) if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person. It’s a tough topic for me to summarize succinctly.

I highly recommend the podcast – Magic Lessons. Really just Episode 12 – Brene Brown on “Big Strong Magic”. It’s a conversation between Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and Brene Brown (Ted Talk celeb from her research on shame & author of Daring Greatly) – thank you to Caroline (BFF) for the recommendation!

Gilbert and Brown think very highly of each other (#girlcrushes), so be prepared for a few “I love yous,” and a few more “No, you’re great,” but the overall message is on point. Five years ago, Brown tells us if she had been asked about creativity then, she would have said she didn’t have time for creativity because she has a j-o-b. But today, her opinion has changed drastically. Now she says, “I think the only unique contribution we will make in this world will be born of creativity…and unused creativity is not benign.”
So, I leave you with a few weekend activities – Go color. Listen to the podcast. Or, just be creative in some way : ).

Will coloring be your mediation? You know I love hearing from you.


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