Just a pug in a rug…

All the senses are playing today…


I never exactly came, saw, or conquered (anything) this week. Cue corny joke giggle : ). Or just keep reading…my mind pretty much hopped and skipped all over the place.

So bear with me on my categorization (yes, I did have to google the 5 senses. Smell was escaping me!) I mostly just hope you enjoy these 5 tidbits. I present them to you in order of how much each one made my brain smile.

  • I felt (okay fine, I wore)…The most comfortable and chic brown cashmere Piccolo New York Poncho (pictured below: )). We chatted with one of the founders this week. The pug (above in his rug scarf) is pretty adorable, but all the good details on Piccolo accessories are below! They are an amazing duo who started an accessories line in NYC. Besides ponchos, the scarves are also pretty comfy and awesome.
  • I heard…Call your girlfriend, the podcast – for long distance besties everywhere. It’s basically the new Car Talk, designed specifically for me, and maybe you (but definitely not my dad). I think my dad could like it though. Similar to me never admitting that Car Talk brought me joy, I don’t expect him to ever admit his joy from ‘Call Your Girlfriend.’ To give you a brief preview, these 2 long distance best friends chat weekly. In one episode, they talk about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. One of the girls explains her approach to ‘research’ on the e-mails. She first did a little CTRL+F on ‘snacks’ (to see what Hillary eats!)…and then, obviously, she followed that search up with a CTRL + F for ‘classified’ to find the really important stuff. I also recommend Episode 17.
  • I smelled… The Nest Pumpkin Chai Diffuser. Yes, you want it.
  • I tasted…the crispy pork belly rice bowl from Cheu Noodle Bar (Philly readers, go.)
  • I saw…Saks is thanking US for being awesome. Use the promo code THANKYOU for 25% off purchases through the weekend (ends Sunday at midnight). Also, use code FREESHIP for free shipping!



Read on for insightful and inspiring details from Monica (co-founder) of Piccolo New York. The first time we ordered from Piccolo, they were at a small table in the emerging designers area. They’ve since upgraded to their own booth and are developing such a high quality, unique product.

She chatted with us about what it’s been like to run a company with her sister. And of course, what she does when she’s not working on Piccolo…

Sarah: Let’s start with your name. Where does the name Piccolo come from?
Monica: In an orchestra, the Piccolo is a small musical instrument with a piercing voice, that adds accents. It helps lift the mood of a piece of music by adding color and sparkle to the overall sound of the orchestra. In the same way, we believe Piccolo New York accessories provides the accent. It lifts the mood of a outfit by embellishing and adding a unique and perfect touch.

Sarah: Could you describe Piccolo for us in 3 words?
Monica: Chic, Playful, and Refined.

Sarah: I really love that, through your brand, you work to support child and women-focused initiatives. How do you pick the organizations you support?
Monica: As mothers ourselves, we have a predilection for women and child-focused initiatives. To date, we are passionately involved in supporting two groups: The first, Zimele, is a non-profit organization that helps communities in South Africa. Zimele helps confront the root causes of poverty by working with one woman and one community at a time, empowering them with the skills, resources and support networks to start businesses and social service projects to sustain themselves. Just last year, we began collecting donations for children’s books in an effort to provide and promote literacy for the children in South Africa where educational resources are few and in between. We are proud to announce those books are now a part of the first library in KwZulu-Natal, South Africa. It’s so rewarding to see how the children are benefiting from these initiatives. The second, Hearts of Gold, is a non-profit organization that also helps foster self-sufficiency for homeless mothers and their children in the New York City area.

Sarah: You really can feel good about adding one of these beautiful pieces to your closet…e0366153-360f-4c3f-a48b-19c2ffb598bd712c5c0b-5e26-4b94-b32a-2ad1e3091982


Sarah: Let’s get personal – you’ve been ALL over. What has surprised you most during some of your distinct life phases (attending British school, working in Seoul, going to college in Boston, just to name a few…)?
Monica: Having lived in different countries, we feel we have a very open, global perspective. We appreciate cultural differences, and know the importance of understanding the nuances of different groups of people. We learned early on to be respectful of others that may think or act differently from us. These experiences have served us well as in work and our personal lives – we’d feel comfortable operating in most parts of the world, and we collaborate well with people of different cultures.

Sarah: Any advice on working with a family member? My mom and I make a solid effort (and a pretty good team!), but we’re always looking for new tips : )…
Monica: For us, the best thing about working together is that we fully trust each other, and we make it a fun work environment! Susan and I collaborate in all we do, but one of us will take the lead depending on our expertise. Of course, we have our moments when we don’t agree on something. But we always manage to talk it out and figure out a way.

Sarah: I’m into things in 3 this week – maybe it’s the former consultant coming out in me – as we close out today, can you share your top 3 NYC establishments (restaurants, coffee shops, or stores!)?
Monica: Of course. We’re huge foodies, so this question is perfect for us. Here’s some highlights for an ideal day of eating…
Caffeinate @ Cafe De Cupping. They have the best lattes! It’s close to our workplace, so we make it a point to stop by most days. After regularly drinking coffee here, I am always disappointed when I go elsewhere.
Dine @ Fig & Olive – It’s a blend of Mediterranean, French and Italian. I love the food and the ambiance!
Eat dessert @ Chikalicious Dessert Bar – Beautiful desserts, and interestingly flavored (in a good way!) ice creams.








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