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ce48620b-1fb9-4f9c-bb10-af735097227cLast week, I went to LA for a day. I had fully intended to bring you a cute 24 hours in Venice post, filled with tips about where to stay, what to eat, where to do yoga, and (obviously) where to shop. BUT some way more interesting, terrible, and wonderful things happened to me in Venice. So, today I’m ready to share my ‘AMAZING ANECDOTE.’ Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’ll be doing it in the form of my 5 learnings from the day!


1. You never know where you are going to find friends… On Monday, January 4th I was fully prepared to detox from the holidays, so I started my day with a yoga class and a green juice. By 3pm, I was starving (and pretty over the detox idea). I went to grab my wallet out of my purse to get food. That’s when I realized…my wallet wasn’t in my purse.

First step when you panic – call mom. Her advice (which was solid but not applicable) was to go back to the hotel and order room service. Brilliant if I was staying at a nice enough hotel to have room service. I wasn’t. I had opted for a trendier, bare bones situation.

Back up plan – retrace my steps. I was wandering down the shopping street (Abbot Kinney), and I was starting to look particularly distraught. THEN, one of my best friends from high school, Faith, appeared before me (or rather, wandered out of a store with her husband and in laws). She lives in NYC; this was a crazy coincidence!

After a hurried hello, I asked for $20 or some food. She gave me this confused, “I know I haven’t seen you in a while, but you’re not a homeless person…are you?” look. After I explained my predicament though, she took me back to their Air bnb for the best snack spread I’ve had in a while.

2. You can actually fly without any form of id…once I had re-fueled, I headed back to my hotel. With a flight the next day, I was most concerned about my license. After some googling, I learned that you can still fly without an ID.

3. Rice really can help you resuscitate a water-damaged iphone…I’ll tell you how I (think) I lost my wallet before I get to the rice. In the morning, I had put a not-fully closed water bottle in my bag without realizing it. When water started dripping down my leg, I investigated. I figured out the issue, took every single thing out of my bag, and then (I’m still a little unclear on this part), but I think I proceeded to put everything back in, except for my wallet, which stayed right there on 5th avenue.

Anyways, my iphone was more damaged than I thought because back at the hotel it wouldn’t charge when I plugged it in. After 24 hours of soaking in rice though (and a very confused airport security man who searched my bag), my phone was back to normal!

4. Usually I just waste time on Facebook, but in this case, Facebook saved me. With my phone in rice and a full stomach, I opened up my laptop. I get these Facebook notifications that I don’t know how to turn off, and I saw I had a message from Vijay (the 2nd angel of the day; Faith was the first!). Vijay had found my wallet! He wanted to meet up to return it. Mom confirmed that I should meet him in a public place. I hadn’t thought of that, but Vijay had suggested it, so I walked to a nearby restaurant, and he gave me back my wallet! He didn’t take anything and wouldn’t even accept the (only) $20 I had as a thank you…

5. As you’ve probably realized, I didn’t have a lot of shop exploration time like I had planned. But I can tell you that two of my faves, Toms and Kit+Ace, are both great Abbot Kinney stops to make (if I spent the rest of my life on one street, it would be this one). And a newer line, Miansai, is opening there soon. I checked out the NYC flagship, and it’s definitely a brand to watch. The designer grew up in New York and went to Miami for college. He actually started out designing jewelry for men through a bet with his girlfriend at the time. He likes rap more than country, but I’ll forgive him because I like his stuff. It feels edgier, & more minimalist than David Yurman, but similar in that you could build your own collection of Miansai. There’s definitely a nautical flair too. I love the modern screw cuff rose gold bracelet ($200) and the flat sterling silver studs ($75).
(Thank you Heather Smith Thorne for the Miansai rec!)


And one more bonus learning – Back in NYC, I saw the above street art, which says “Make your own luck.” Faith and Vijay may have saved me in Venice, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time I lose my wallet. As a preventative measure, I’ve made this little card that is now prominently displayed…


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