5 resolution ideas you might not have thought of….

resolutions on resolutions….


Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! To get us all ready for a solid 2016, I’ve asked around for some New Years resolution ideas.

I (not surprisingly) couldn’t narrow my own down to one, so if you make it to the end, you’ll get to discover all three of mine!

resolutions from some faves…


“I’m planning to have a dry January. At least during the week.”e8b6af57-ded5-4233-a269-8a61d3d71bfb

– Katie Priest (a Vandy BFF & financier in NYC)

Side note – I don’t think I could pull this off, but I did enjoy this Refinery article on what happens when you quit drinking if you’re thinking about doing the same…


“Learn how to cook 3 new staple dishes. And floss everyday.”

– Julia Gray Saunders (the closest I’ve gotten to having a little sister, currently in medical school at UNC Chapel Hill)




“I’m going to make a list at the end of everyday of 3 good things that happened to help me get through the January interviews!”

– Anna Cleveland (a Vandy BFF & MBA Candidate at Darden)



“I’m going to learn how to really play pool.”
– Anne Leggett (aka Mom…Dad, you’re going to play a big role in this one ;))

And my own three…
1 – The fitness goal (and Alex’s;)) is to get a 6-pack.
2 – The lifestyle goal is to leave my phone outside my bedroom like a real ‘unplugger’ (a little tougher to achieve in my studio, so I’ll just be turning it off at night while in Philly!).
3 – And the festive goal is to work on our Christmas light game next year (with the help of my partner in crime and little bro) so that our tree looks a little bit more like Mrs. Burbank’s beauties.

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