5 notable happenings from the week ?????….

Tidbits from some of my fave friends…


– Cred to my BF + BFF, Alex L.

Last weekend, we had our 5-year reunion at Vandy. Naturally, a weekend back at college involved drinking too much, eating all the chicken fingers in Nashville, and tailgaiting for (but not actually attending) the football game. But beyond the debauchery, I was reminded of my favorite Tim Ferris quote that goes something like, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely.” I left the weekend feeling pretty solid about my friendship choices : ).

So this week, I’ve been collecting tidbits from some of my favorite ladiezzz. Unlike last week, I did actually remember the 5 senses without any google action, so I’m going to go with that again..


  • I saw…This video made me giggle (and tear up) and then giggle some more – Barbie is empowering. Cred to Emily M.
  • I heard…the Spotify Playlist, Acoustic Covers. A solid compromise for family car trips. Or just some soothing dinner party mood music. Cred to Pauline K.
  • I smelled & tasted…Indonesian Chicken (holy, yum. Thank you Mrs. Brena for introducing this to my world). AND Black Bean Brownies (I know my sweets. The Black Bean may not sound delicious, but I assure you they taste like a decadent fudge). Cred to Alex B. & her mom for the chicken, and Annie D for the brownies.
  • ac8e5241-ed49-4fa9-84f3-bd53cd6edbb9I felt (yes, I stroked the t-shirt a few times. But to be fair, this category is a stretch for presenting outfits of the week)….Photo was taken a few Bloody Marys in, so apologies for that weird glare! Carithers totally nailed the ‘I’m casual (but so chic)’ daytime outfit. Shop the look below. Cred to Carithers H.




Black Top – $28. J.Crew Factory Pant – $50. Twine and Twig Necklace – $150. Vince Mules – $395; $199 (now sold out).

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